iCoach Developments – News pages and Coaching Status

I have been nusy coding up some more iCoach functions whilst my editor is on holiday. I has taken a week or so to get back into coding but I have finally gotten there. So first off I have coded up a dynamic news page. It acts more like a news paper where it searches news feeds from various RSS and ATOM feeds and strips them down to only 100 words and gives you the option to visit the permanent link to the authors site.

After 24 hours the news is history, to me it seemed a great way to have a constant feed of news items on a webpage. The coding behind it means that the results are there super quickly, so no waiting around for page loads.

I have also been working behind th scenes to make a registration process for coaches and ways to monitor a single client or a group of them. At present these features are hidden but if you are interested in using iCoach Climbing in your coaching then please keep an eye on the site, as hopefully within a week I will launch this section of the site and move onto another section that should be equally as useful to coaches and climbers alike.

If you are using iCoach and have any feedback I am more than happy to recieve it, simialrly if you are a manufacturer, shop owner or somehow in the climbing/outdoor industry then I am offering free advertising in return for some promotion of the site through your social media channels.


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