Kindle Edition: Effective Coaching – The Coaching Process for Climbing Instructors

Having nearly finished the iCoach Climbing mobile logbook app, I took some time to put together the ePub/Kindle version of my Effective Coaching: The Coaching Process for Climbing Instructors. Which is now happily online there is a link to a full run down of the book here.

You can see the kindle version on Amazon which cost £8.04 on Kindle and for iPad it cost £7.99.

iCoach Mobile App

I have been busy working on the iCoach mobile app and now need some people to test it out on different mobile devices. You first off need to be a registered user on iCoach Climbing secondly the device has to be compatible with webSQL, there is a handy table here (Green denotes support).

I have already tested the device on iPhone and iPad, so Andriod and Blackberry is what I am interested in exploring. Get in contact with me here.

Full Breakdown of my new Effective Coaching eBook

I have written a full review on my new eBook, Effective Coaching: The Coaching Process for Climbing Instructors. My full run down on the book is on my life in the vertical blog rather than this coaching one.

If you are a coach I am sure there are things in this book that will help you improve your coaching game. Its a perfect companion for my first book How To Climb Harder.

Coaching Wiki

As well as launching my new book on Effective Coaching for climbing Instructors. I also decided to put together a coaching wiki that should be of use to climbers, coaches and instructors alike. The hope is that it will grow like a wiki through user generated content.

I am off trying to climb in the South West for a few days, but put it on line although at present I have only just started writing the Mental Skill section. If you are a coach and have some subject you want to share your ideas and thoughts about than hopefully you’ll get involved.

The site is found here iCoach Climbing Coaching Wiki.

I have also started tinkering with some code to make an offline icoach logging app for Andriod, Blackberry and iOS devices. Hopefully in a month I should be able to release this as a beta. However I am going to charge for this service, maybe £2. If you think you’d be interested in this then please get in touch. I think I need to charge as it is a site add on and I’d like to recoup some of the development costs.

Coaching Books hits the iBookstore for iPad

As well as having a rewarding day getting a girl in a wheelchair to climb up a wall at work this morning. I also managed to get my new book, Effective Coaching: The Coaching Process for Climbing Instructors to go live in the iBookstore. So it is now available for iPad’s.

Really chuffed with it, hopefully you like it too. If you do buy the book as either an iBook or kindle edition when it comes out, it really helps to sell the books if you can take the time to write a review when you have finished.

Some more coaching resources

I have over the years written on many coaching related subjects on this blog. However I have always looked for the enxt thing in terms of technology and ways to help people get hold of the information. I am also a business owner fighting the good fight against google rankings and as they say content is king.

As such I have decided to write a few more article length article over on my Snowdonia Mountain Guides website. I have also been using various photos and images from How to Climd Harder to illustrate them after all Pesda and I have the copyright.

So the first two articles are on totally different subjects, the first is one for walkers and is a Beginners Guide to Climbing/Walking up Snowdon. The second is one on what to consider when you are buying your first climbing rack.

I am also working on another resource for iCoach, when I get hte bare bones together I will share it with the world but for now if you’d like a magazine format feed reader for climbing related blogs. It works like a newspaper in that the stories only stay for 24 hours and then are gone. If you have an ipad or tablet I’d be keen to see what you think of Vertical life magazine.

Effective Coaching for Climbers eBook due next month.

I have been very busy over these winter months tapping away on the computer to put the finishing touches to another eBook I am working on about the coaching process for climbing instructors. In a way it is aimed at being a resource for climbing coaches when it comes to skill acquisition and general processes for coaching. It covers many models for both UKCC coaching and some of the things taught in US instructor/guide courses in particular WEA programme that I delivered when in South America a few years back.

The books main themes are:

  1. What is Coaching
  2. Understanding How We Learn
  3. How Anxiety can disrupt Learning
  4. Teaching Models: How to Effectively Coach a Skill
  5. Advanced Coaching – Communication, Developing Teams, Leadership, Cohesion, Coach-Athlete interactions, Legal and Moral issues and Child protection.
  6. Reflective Practice.

Hopefully the book will come out next month. Although there is a potential problem in that I have shown the document to the Mountain Training Boards to see if they would wish to endorse the book for their new coaching awards due out later this year. If they do then this might delay the publication, as the cogs of power tend to turn slowly.