How To Climb Harder: Read the Book and Now do the Course

Well, as you will no doubt know by my recent blog posts over on LITV, my book has made it into the general population. Where I hope it is being well recieved. So far there are a couple of reviews online the first by Fiona Outdoors, who is a Scottish Based adventure journalist. The Second by Ray Wood, who commented that I missed putting in tying into the harness, and putting a harness on. My defence is that the the book is called how to climb harder not how to climb. We also forgot to put the cover shot caption in. The Chief Instructor also saw a preview of the book and had this to say.

So hopefully the book is flying off the shelf, and given that christmas is approaching and with a price tag of £15.99, then hopefully the book will be filling the stocking of all climbers this yule tide, although its way to early to think about that. I still haven’t got my copy of the book, as I am waiting for the Chilean postal system to deliver it to the incountry agents house before he can then deliver it to me.

Anyway, I am always looking to the future, and have decided that I want to offer people the oppotunity to not only read the book “How To Climb Harder”, but come of the official “How to Climb Harder Course” with yours truly. To be honest the coaching I have done for the past few years won’t have changed overnight, but I thought I’d jump of the name, and try and develop it as a mini Brand.

My plan is to run two day (weekend) and five day courses that focus on the core concepts of the book “How To Climb Harder”. I am returning to the UK in February, so will be looking at setting some dates. If in the mean time you want to suggest a date that you’d like me to put into the master diary, then fire away.