Welsh Winter Skills Courses

Well, it has snow the last couple of days leaving the tops covered in some snow, and with the freezing levels looking good well into next week. There might well be the oppotunity for some Welsh Winter Skills Courses. So if you want to learn to use ice axes and crampons, as well as learn how to survive and enjoy winter in the mountains of Wales, then it looks like we have finally got a winter.

If you are interested in either a Welsh Winter Skills course or few days being guided up some of the classic mountaineering routes, then please get in contact with here. If you’d like to know more about the courses then please look at my SMG website.

Logbook Function add to iCoach

Well, I have been busy designing and building a logbook function to my iCoach project over on my Coaching/Instruction website. At the moment if you register you can complete a performance profile which will give you 5 climbing attributes to focus your training on over the next month.

To compliment this, I have added a way to log you training be it climbing indoors or out, running or mental skills training. As well as logging each route by grade, I am encouraging people to get used to using the PRE scale (Perceived Rate of Exertion), this if you like adds another performance measure.

Over time you should notice that your PRE for a given grade will decrease, before you Grade increases. Whilst at the moment there is not an outputting page, my idea is to follow this up in about a month with a page that allows you to look at monthly averages against session.

Eventually I might even add a facility that will add overload to your session, printing you out a programme for your next wall session.