Coaching Workshops @ LLAMFF

After chatting to the organisers at LLAMFF, it looks like I am going to be delivering some coaching workshops through the Beacon Climbing Centre. As well as giving a slideshow of Rock Climbing in the Americas. If you are interested in a bit of activity inbetween the awesome line up of films and presenters then you can sign up via the Beacon Climbing Centre during the coming weeks. I also think that eventually you will be able to book online from V12 and possibly Joe Brown’s.

Technique Workshop

Saturday 11am to 1pm

A workshop aimed at helping novice and intermediates climbers improve their movement technique. This is a practical workshop so bring your climbing gear.

Mind Games Workshop

Saturday 2pm to 4pm

This workshop is aimed at intermediate and improving climbers to help address some mental skill for success. Including an introduction to imagery, the use of self talk and planning for success

These workshops will take place at the Beacon Climbing Centre and can be booked through the Climbing Centre. Tel:01286 650045 at a cost of £20 per session. All session are restricted to a maximum of 6 people.

NB: If you are not a member of the Beacon Climbing Centre, some form of ID will be required to use the wall

Video: Rope Rescue Skills Lowering past a knot with HMS

I have put together a short video of how to lower a climber past a knot, if using a large HMS carabiner. This might be helpful if you have an injured climber a long way up a cliff, as with two 60 metre ropes you can potentially lower just over 120 metres. This would get you off most UK cliffs. Similarly if your rope becomes damaged you can lower off someone who can’t abseil past a knot, by isolating the damage by tying a knot.