Coaching Workshop

Well I have just delivered a coaching workshop to half of the first year undergraduate Outdoor Sport Science course from Bangor University. It was quite interesting as they know the science behind the the practical side. However it was good to see that they were all keen to learn how to apply it to the real world.

We covered topics like:

Performance profiling and goal setting
Warming up
Using Technique Drill
Top roping technique drill for aerobic training
Learning how to find and use rests
Bouldering for various strengths (fingers, arms shoulders, core, legs)
Bouldering for power endurance
Planning the lead climb

Anyway it was only the third time I have used delivered this session, and it seemed to go down very well. As it allows us to cover a lot of subject matter, and allow each individual to go away and apply the tools they need to make there climbing better by identifying key weaknesses, and how to improve them through simple training techniques.