Coaching and Guiding in North Wales

So I am taking some time to try and promote my work as a rock climbing instructor and coach based in North Wales. I doing so I have been trying to work out what are my unique selling points that may well help me stand out from what is a very crowded market place in North Wales.

North Wales Climbs Guidebook by Climbing Coach author - Mark Reeves
North Wales Climbs Guidebook by Climbing Coach author – Mark Reeves

First off, I do like to think of myself as a climber, I don’t know how else I can express that other than point out that I am the author of two guides to the climbing in North Wales. The impressive new North Wales Climbs by Rockfax, which I was one of the key authors of and my own North Wales Rock App with theSend. What this means is that you are basically being taught by a walking, talking guidebook, with a near encyclopaedic knowledge of the crags in North Wales. Practically it means I will be closing the best crags for the weather and the best routes for you the clients.

Being a climber doesn’t ipso facto make me a good coach and instructor. But again I have taken my time to develop those skills to the maximum. Having qualified as a Mountaineering Instructor I have not rest on my laurels instead I have dedicated my to professional development in the form of coaching. This resulted in me gaining a Master’s Degree in Applied Sports Science with Effective Coaching, Performance Physiology and Sport Psychology. Again I then took all that knowledge and condensed it into a book called How To Climb Harder.


As such I have both a superb working knowledge of North Wales Climbing and exceptional understanding of climbing performance. Literally writing books in both areas that I believe are crucial to helping anyone I coach get the very best out of north wales climbing and the utmost out of themselves when it comes to climbing performance.

So if you want to come on a climbing course with me then pay a visit to Snowdonia Mountain Guides where I showcase all the climbing coaching and instructional courses I offer.