Foundation Coach Award with James McHaffie

James McHaffie is running a couple of foundation coach award training courses. One is coming up real soon and the other is next month. If you are interested then visit james mchaffie dot com.

The first training course is on Monday 27th January at 10am at the Indy Climbing Wall in Llanfari PG.

The second is on Saturday the 8th Feb at 10am at the Beacon Climbing Centre.

Visit James website to get more details and to find out the pre-requisites.



Coaching Videos: Climbing Fundamentals #1: 3B’s of Technique

I have decided to try and make a few coaching videos this years, rather than writing about coaching. I will of course be linking these to the performance profiling tool on iCoach climbing online app. The first video is on the Boot, Body and Balance, three fundamental components of good technique.

All the videos are being made on my iPad, so don’t be expecting speilberg here. They will show the skills much better than a photo and words can.