Rope Rescue for Rock Climbers

After running a rope rescue for climbers a couple of weeks ago. Ady who was on the course wanted a manual to help him remember the lessons we’d gone through, and kindly sent me all the images of the stages that we went through on the second day. So I made a PDF of the stages and the learning progression, to help Ady, and to have as a course manual for future courses.

Anyway, it seems stupid to keep it to myself and many people often ask for some guidance. So here is the link to the PDF, there are also other articles I have written on the published articles section of the top menu, so feel free to browse.

Please feel free to use it, but I ask that you don’t alter it by removing the website links, back to my Coaching Site. If you find anything that needs correcting then please email mail here, or leave a comment, and I can change it.

If you’d like to come a rope rescue course for climber then I can run courses to suit you here.

Thanks again Ady for the images.