New iCoach Feature: The Fear Test

Ever wonder how fear might be effecting your performance, if you do then I can recommend trying to get hold of June’s Climber Magazine. As it had an article that explained all about it and a test you could take to see how you were effected.

I had digitized the test before it was published but wanted to give the print version some form of shelf life, so kept it under wraps until now. So if you are a member iCoach, it is free to register and use the site if not, you will find the fear test on your profile page. There is some info here as well if not.

New Beta Logging App for Mobile

I have been busy with other things but a recent article I have written for a publication for the BMC kind of forced my hand to release this new online/offline app for mobile devices. It works in conjunction with my online climbing coaching app at iCoach Climbing. The app is should work on a mutlitude of mobile devices there is a table here showing its compatibility, although it is only a beta release as I have used it successfully on iPhone and iPad, but I don’t have andriod or blackbery devices to check.

Sadly I don’t think it will work on windows phones as they have not implemented webSQL, although you might be able to get a chrome browser for it?

To see how to install the app and to find out more visit out page on installing the  mobile logging app.

App on iPhone
App on iPhone

Coaching Ethics: In athletic competitions, what qualifies as a sporting chance?

I have occasionally posted on ethical dilemmas for coaching climbing, however I alway enjoy reading something that makes me think. Especially when it is from one of my favourite authors, Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote among other things Blink.

In this article in the New Yorker magazine he brings up the argument of genetic over science. What is better, one or the other. At times he asks why is one thing banned by the World Anti Doping Agency whilst another thing is fine. Is it a win at all cost mentality we are after or something else.

Anyway, read it if you enjoy sport of any kind and if you coach I wonder if there is line you would or wouldn’t cross ethically speaking that is?

Man and Superman: In athletic competitions, what qualifies as a sporting chance? by Malcolm Gladwell