New Website for Climbing Coaches

I tend to buy website from time to time and see what I can do with them, it is as much about the fun of programming as it is creating useful sites. It is why i bought and I can’t deny the end goal is to make sites that return me some money. Most just about pay for themselves from advertising with google ads.

So anyway, I found that was free, so bought it for next to nothing. I finally got round to developing the site. At present there is a database of all the climbing walls in the UK. There is also a way for coaches to register and login to the site and set up a profile. In that profile you can say which climbing walls you work at in a single geographic area. That way when someone searches for a climbing wall they will be able to see at a glance who offers independent coaching at those walls.

The cost is free, although if it gets out of hand as I need to see people certificates or read an email to see if they are qualified by experience. So I might charge a few pounds a year. In return you’ll get some link backs to your website, Facebook page, twitter account and blog.

I will also start to write some articles on coaching in general and if you as a coach wants to contribute to that then we can link back to your site from the articles. I hope it can be a kind of linked in for coaches, but with the added benefit of focusing on indoor climbing coaches.

Before I code up the searching of coaches I need a few coaches to sign up to check the code at my end. So if you are a coach and like sound of it dive in, sign up and write your own profile.