MIA: Refresher Days for Trainees

After my work last week with an aspirant MIA. I got a call today from another MIA trainee looking for some refresher days prior to their assessment. I have hopefully managed to hook him up with some observations on a climbing course I am running later in the month and then arrange a couple of other days to cover other aspects of the syllabus.

Given there is sometime between now and those dates, we agreed to open up the courses to anyone else who would like a refresher for their MIA. The two days I am running are a rope rescue day and a scrambling day.

Rope Rescue Refresher Day for MIA Trainees – 7th September

This is a workshop day where we will cover various aspects of the rescue syllabus for the Mountain Instructor Award (MIA). The rescues make up one day of the five day assessment. Inparticular we will look at a variety of basic to more advance problems and then work through solutions at a crag.

The cost of this course is £80 and based on a ratio of up to 1:4.

Scrambling Refresher Day for MIA Trainees – 14th September

This day is based on exploring the scrambling element of the MIA Syllabus and is partically based by heading out into the hills to climb a classic grade II+ scramble using short roping, short pitching and other techniques to safeguard clients in scrambling terrain.

The cost of this course is £80 and based on a ratio of 1:2

Top find out more about these courses please contact me direct through my Snowdonia Mountain Guides Website

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