Adidas Outdoor Gear Reviews: Terrex Solo Traxion Shoes


I actually went out an bought a pair of these. With my own hard cash. Why? Well I went to a shoe that had 5.10, Scarpa and LaSportiva approach shoes. As such I think they had all the major players covered. Whilst I love 5.10 shoes I hate the fact that if like myself you wear them day in day out they quickly start to wear through as the super stick soft rubber is in reality too soft for day to day wear.

So I then went on price and wanted to buy one of the shoes shown below. The new Adidas approach shoe. However despite the shop only having them in stock for about two weeks they already only had a limited stock as they had pretty much sold out. Instead I managed to find a pair in last seasons colour.

These are a great pair of shoes, well made and they seem already to be less prone to wear on the sole. I just hope that Adidas give options in the future as they bought 5.10 and there are rumours that these shoes will come with a stealth rubber sole. Which I think will be great however, I fear they will wear and to be honest the grip on these traxion sole seems fine. It is better than the old pair of trail running shoes I had. The sole has a small tread on the base of the foot, but round the edge of the toe it is more in keeping with a rick shoe. Meaning they are idea for trick approaches.

I have also managed a couple of runs in these shoes, which to be honest isn’t there main function. They held up better than I did given that it had been 2 years since my last foray in trail running.

Unfortunately it looks near on impossible to find these in the UK at the moment, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on these in the future.


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