Adidas Outdoor Gear Reviews: Men’s Terrex Soft Shells


Adidas has also sent me a combination of windproof clothing in the form of Men’s Terrex Summer Alpine Pants and Men’s TERREX Hybrid Primaloft Jacket. Both of these are made primarily of a close weave material that is windproof and hard wearing.

I have been wearing these a lot when working as, they are great in anything but warm weather. If it is going to be cold I have added a layer of thermals. As such I think this is why this combination of soft shell are so good as they are a key part of a good layering system that will see me through to the winter season.

My one criticism, which is really a fashionista thing, which if you know me and my lack of idea of fashion then the irony is strong. My problem is, if I wear the top and bottoms together I look like I should be on the training ground for Newcastle United. Comments made by friends and colleagues when I had the matching top and bottoms on was primarily ‘chavvy’. I think this could be avoided if the top and bottoms weren’t black, which seems a standard colour for outdoor soft shells. Although there are other colours out there, just not in this model.


On the other hand I had the top on at my local climbing wall when I was warming up and one guy who was a big fan of the adidas brand (He was decked out in there more street wear clothing) loved it and wanted to know where he could get the top from. I guess it is something of a statement though, as the 3 stripe brand of Adidas is a strong one, and whilst many of us outdoor types might not be into the athletic image of our sport. We probably need to accept that there are a growing number that are.

At the end of the day, for me the proof is in the pudding, or did this clothing actually work for me when I was working outdoors. The answer is an emphatic yes and despite worries about my appearance, the ‘athlete’ in me will be seen at the crags of North Wales until they fall apart which based on the wear and tear seems like it might be some time yet.

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