Adidas Outdoor Gear Reviews: Men’s Terrex Swift Jacket

Adidas Jacket

A few months ago Adidas got in contact and sent me some gear to try out. Whilst they didn’t want me to review some of it I did as I thought it was some really good outdoor kit. Especially their Terrex range. So the next few posts are on various pieces of equipment they have handed me for review.

Giving it’s full name, the Men’s Terrex Swift Light 2.5-Layer Climaproof Storm Jacket, is really nice lightweight jacket. It will never replace the need for a proper full on waterproof jacket in the UK, after all when it rains it rains here. When this jacket came into its own was on the numerous days I headed out teaching rock climbing on days where it wasn’t going to rain all day but it was going to rain at some point.

It basically meant I could take a very small bag rather than take a larger rucksack and deploy the jacket at a moments notice. It has stood up to the rigours of numerous days multi pitched climbing and seems to have held up well compared to other super lightweight jackets I have had in the past. My climbing helmet also managed to fit underneath the hood, although it was quite tight.

I only had one day where the jacket failed to perform, although if I am totally honest no jacket would have performed in the conditions. The day was a hot humid day with persistent drizzle. On the sweaty approach the jacket wetted out, inside and out. However after reaching the base of the grade III scramble and slowing the pace down the jacket and I soon dried out. I don’t think it was necessarily the breathability of the jacket, as I am pretty sure any material would have stopped breathing in these condition, or certainly failed to cope with the pace of the initial approach.

My jacket was red, and I thought looked really good, although I am not sure that they are still making this jacket. I did notice that there was a similar design but in much pricier gortex.

All in all i felt that this jacket was a real eye opener for the outdoors, coming from Adidas which whilst a mature company is relatively young in the outdoor industry. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on what they are doing for the outdoor user.

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