Surf, DIY, body repair and Bouldering at the Indy

Well a productive few days. To start I have painted all the glossy areas on the landing and bathroom. As well as painted the stairs, strange I know but will save me putting carpet down for the time being. The paint was prep work for the flooring I am laying in the bathroom and landing.

Since bouldering last at the beacon, I have had a bad shoulder. One to many awkward gastons seems to have cause me a problem. So I managed to get an appointment with a friend who runs aromatherapy-massage-llanberis for a quick treatment. Seems to have worked wonders as IĀ also had an evening out surfing on Tuesday, it was about knee high but its all good practice, I was working on my lefts as they are a weakness.

I went straight from the beach to Indy Wall. As Jon who I surfed some killer waves at Hell’s Mouth over the weekend had recommended I come over for the DJ night at the wall. I have to say it totally rocks. There was a good few problems had and some strong people out.

I couldn’t help feeling old though amongst what were mostly students. I remember being one of them nearly twenty years ago now. Still its good to know that I am still keeping up with generation now. There were some great problems to be climbed as well and it was good to catch up with a few friendly faces I haven’t seen in a while mainly because I am saving my pennies by avoiding the pub.

Anyhow, I started on the underfloor heating upstairs today and after getting the underlay down I thought I’d see what Cable Bay was like. As it was strong SW winds which seem to drive a good swell in even though its onshore. I arrived and the tide was out but it was set to be coming in and after about 30 minutes some locals got in so I followed. It was really good, probably up to shoulder high breaking right which is my strong side. So had a good wave count and a few charges down the line before returning to start the jigsaw puzzle that is laying floor round a toilet and a sink.

I also received my copy of North Wales Climbs, but I’ll write something on that tomorrow.



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