Stuart’s Scratch Card and Quantum Theory

I have a friend called stuart and last night he was telling me about his scratch card, for the sake of the arguments below lets say the card cost £3 and he can either win £0 or £300000. To him it is worth more unscratched than scratched, as the thought of maybe having £300000 in his pocket is of greater benefit than knowing either way whether he has won or not.

This got me thinking about Schrödinger’s cat which is a thought experiment that attempts to help people understand Quantum Theory where a quantum particle can be one thing or another, but by measuring it you alter it. As such it revolves a cat in a box and potentially lethal dose of radiation. As such the cat is simultaneously dead and alive, we cannot know unless we open the box.

What I am suggesting is that Stuart’s Scratch Card is the modern equivalent of Schrödinger’s cat, although I am no physcists so I not sure if it is a modern version of Schrödinger’s cat or not. Any budding Einsteins think I am write or wrong or am I both at the same time?

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