New The Send Topo app for Prilep Bouldering in Macedonia


I have to say that I love my job, I have spent the last few days proof reading the final sections of three books. Yes three, one on Avalanche Awareness for Mountaineers, One of   the coaching process for climbing coaches and of course the Brief History, Science, Culture and Technology of Climbing. All are nearing the final stages for completion and will be available on iBook for iPad first before I roll them out elsewhere, although none will be ready for christmas if I am honest.

Other than that I have also been keeping up to date with Steve at TheSend to see what delights they have in store. Given my North Wales Rock App has been out for a year, there are still a few other areas that are currently being worked on and brought to completion. Inparticular North Wales Limestone for which there is a free lite preview.

The latest smart phone app guidebook is for an area in Macendonia called Prilep, it featured a while back on UKClimbing as a friday night video. The area looks great and having just thumbed through the guide I am keen to get out there for a look. The guide comes with all the usual app features if you want to see what those are there are free lite versions for all the apps, the Prilep guidebook app only cost £2.99 as well. Steve has mentioned the possibility of heading out there early next year.

It certainly appeals to the more adventurous spirit in me as bouldering destinations, as I have yet to venture into what was once the eastern block other than to climb on the awesome czech sandstone pillars. As such the mix of climbign and culture are a real appeal to this area and hopefully other climbers will think the same and turn this place into an alternative to Font, although teh climbing looks more like some I have seen at Bishop.

Hopefully by then I will have gotten those books off my back and be focusing on new projects and of coruse revitalising old ones, like adding another update for the North Wales Rock app probably ready for early next year, as well as finishing the chapters for RockFax.

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