Skyline Buttress and more Mind Bending

Well, I spent the morning doing some climbing on the Skyline Buttress level in Australia. Which is one of the highest levels in the Dinorwic Quarries. We climbed Clash of the Titans a great little F6a, then another F6a called the Skyline Club, before I headed to the Put It On The Slate Waiter area of the quarry and climbed Harri Bach Llanrug, another F6a, and had a quick top rope on Rock Yoga.

We managed the first route before the heavens opened and then had to hide in a hut, the shower passed fairly quickly and in true slate style we were back on sun drenched rock in ten minutes. What made my day was that my friend Simon had already brought and downloaded my guidebook app, so ironically he was using the full app before me, as I had yet to get my codes to get a free copy.

In the afternoon I got my own copy of the app and explored its features and crags, and it struck me what I had managed to do. Hopefully you’ll all like it, we are already planning the first update to the central database, which will hopefully go someway to show our commitment to constantly improving the guide.

As well as playing I also had another computor lesson, this one on more practical database design and normalisation. I have to say the lessons have really helped join a lot of the dots together. I am now in the middle of some online php and SQL lessons. I have to say the ideas I have are coming together, and I might start programming in anger soon. Although I have to say the designing of a good database seems to be two parts logic and two parts dark art.


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