PHP for Beginners and Boldness for Experts

Dave Evans running it out a long, long way on the Rainbow Slab!

Well I filled my day by spending the morning doing a few online tutorials in how to write php code. I have looked and done some basic stuff before, and I am starting to feel a lot more confident with actually understanding it. So when I look at a page of code it looks less like Russian and more like Welsh. So whilst I still don’t fully understand it there are words and phrases that are starting to make sense!

I then got a call to the Rainbow, from Dave Evans. I walked up from the village if was a lovely day, and Dave started by climbing RIchard Of York Gave Battle In Vain or Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Brown, Indigo, Violet. He did the direct finish, So it was essentially a E2 solo into an E3. It was a very brave climb, as I have looked at it before, but I am pretty sure I haven’t climbed it, although I do have a vague recollection of follow Will up it once?!

Anyway a nice route on this brave slab. Dave took a proper ‘Rainbow Lob’ a week or so ago when he got ledge bound on Chewing the Cwd. He jumped off not once but twice! Was good being back on the Rainbow, although I have only one route left to do, Splitstream. As the first and only time I tried it I got very lost and tried Stiff Syd’s Cap, result was failure.

For the life of me I have forgotten the lass’s name who was out with us, but she (nicky?) did a great job on Bella Lugosi, and was certainly more steady than when I did it for the first time.

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