Full guide now available in app store

Well I got a text from Steve last night when I was sleeping saying that the app was going to be available in 24hours.

It was a great text to wake up to, even better was that the app was already in the store. If you own a climbing wall, outdoor shop or an online blog and would be happy to have a poster advertising the app, or willing to put a link to it online we would greatly appreciate the help marketing this new evolution of the guidebook.

If you haven’t already then there is a free taster version to vivian quarry.

I should emphasise that this is version one of the app and more routes and crags will be added later, as well as some more functions in the longer term.

Really exciting times!

I would also like to say a massive thanks to Steve Golley who has managed to make an incredible app from all the data I provided, whilst juggling work and coaching commitments.

If you do buy the guide please find the time to write a review for the app store.

A link to the app can be found at thesend.

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