How to Climb Harder: Course

I had a great weekend running a How tp Climb Harder course with two clients Ady and Anne. Despite the weather we did manage to get out and about. On saturdau we climbed on the RAC boulders doing some movement coaching, followed by a session at the Sidings doing some more movement work and looking at being precise and accurate with our feet.

It then started raining so we headed to the beacon, for some more stepper movement work, and some exercises in balance and bridging. We had high hopes for sunday, as it was supposed to be the better day, with rain early clearing later on in the day.

I awoke and the rain had cleared, but apparently not the rain that the weather man was talking about, and I got up the first pitch of Grim Wall, and I was just about to head off up the second pitch and noticed that we could no longer see the road, and the rock was now running with water.

A retreat to erics and it failed to clear, so it was back at the beacon, for more movement coaching, and some rope rescue skills. It was a shame but both Ady and Anne said they got a lot out of the time we had spent on the rock and the wall.

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