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I have had a dream for a while that a phone guidebook app would be an excellent idea. However I have lacked the knowledge to take the information on routes I have collected over the years, and programme a app. Fortunately for me a few months back I contacted someone who does, and over that time I have spent many an hour typing away and more recently creating a database of the routes I would want to include in an app.

I don’t want to say who it is I have been working with yet, but we are in the process of bringing out a test platform to see how it works, and as a bit of a teaser. I would very much describe the whole process as a massively intelligent software develop who appears to be able to make anything happen, and me the person who has been filling the content in from years of climbing in North Wales. Brains and Brawn, although he is no slouch when it comes to climbing either!

I have to admit that I don’t ‘yet’ own an iphone, but as soon as I get some more money in the bank I shall be buying one. I think it is a really exciting and interesting development, and one that will hopefully work and become more popular as the smart phone market increases. The plan is to eventually develop android and windows 7 apps.

So a bit of market research from my end. If you are an Iphone, Andriod or Windows 7 phone owner. What would you be willing to pay for a selected guide to North Wales that is on your phone. If you can leave a comment, saying what platform you are on, average grade climbed and what you think is reasonable that would be great.

If you want to see a snap shot of the infor that will be one the new platform then visit the online guide in the tool bar above. As the information will be similar to that. although I have added more routes since I developed that website.

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