Focus On: Lukasz Warzecha

Lukasz Warzecha hanging out on St John's Head - Hoy

I think I first ran into Lukasz when wandering about Scotland earlier this year. I am pretty sure we crossed paths on the Summit of the Ben, he had just been getting some shots in appalling conditions. I had seen a lot of his work as he did a lot of photographing a friend and colleague Andy Turner, some of those images were really striking, not to mention some of his more imaginative and creative work with flashes and strobes.

Lukasz is running a photography masterclass with Dave Macleod run out of the Bunkhouse in Plas Y Brenin. This will be a great opportunity for any budding outdoor photographer to play about with the concept of a photo shoot with one of the worlds greatest trad climbers. There are more details on Lukasz Website here.

One of Lukasz' Strobe images, this one at St Bee's Head

If you’d like to keep up to date with what Lukasz is up to then he has a great blog as well, which can be found at You can also following him on facebook as well here.

What or Who inspired you to get into photography?

Not sure really… I don’t think that there was one thing or person that inspired me to get into photography. It was more of a process… but at the beginning I don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into! 🙂

Have you done any formal studies in photography, if so how has it helped you?

I have done a Diploma in photography at the Thames Valley University. Although I truly believe that there’s no need for a formal education in photography, studying gave me an easy access to facilities and gear which I would have not had access to otherwise, especially at the beginning.

What’s best Digital or Film, and why ?

Film. I miss the magic… Although I mostly shoot digital now, simply more practical.

What has been your favourite photoshoot, and why has it stood out for you?

Last month, I shot portraits of Chris Sharma, Yuji Hirayama and Lynn Hill for Climb magazine. There wouldn’t be probably anything special about it… but I shot all of them the same day. Started at 10am with Chris at his hotel and by midday I was wrapping up a shoot with Lynn. Amazing! Portraits of Lynn will go inside the next Climb magazine.

You have an impressive collection of published images, which are you most proud of?

My poster shot for the upcoming ‘Longhope’ DVD. I’ve put a lot of effort to get this shot… and the graphic designer did a fantastic job by putting it beautifully together. I think the idea was quite bold and that the image is provocative and I hope people will see the funny side of it.

Lukasz work used on the poster for the forthcoming Hot Aches DVD - The Long Hope. Can't wait to see this film!

What style best describes your photography?

I’ve been told that my style of photography is very radical. I love shooting shallow DOF and strobes.

If there was anyone in the world dead or alive you could photograph who’d it be and why?

Hard question… I guess sir Edmund Hillary… I’m shooting a lot of portraits… this is my yet unfinished portfolio piece. I shot Rainhold Messner, Doug Scott, Woytek Kurtyka, Erdhard Loretan, Peter Habler… and Hillary will be always missing…

What do you look for in your images?

I’m not interested in capturing just pure action shots… I really want to show the setting and the environment.

Are you a chimper? (Looking at the display to check images whilst huddling down to block the screen from the sun)

Ohh, yes! This is one of the advantages of the digital era! Shooting with strobes on film required a light meter, now I can just check the back of my camera. Also, when shooting commercially is good to know that you have the shot.

Any top tips for the next generation of snappers or the keen amateur who is looking to improve there climbing photography?

Keep shooting… There’s no other way to improve in photography.

What’s your next project?

Can’t tell… Seriously. 🙂


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