Review: Wonders of the Universe

Love him or hate him, I happen to find Brian Cox a great presenter, with a great understanding of science, and an ability to put that understanding across to the lay person like myself. My christmas present was a Blu-Ray DVD of the series, however I don’t have a blu-ray player at home, so had to watch it very quickly, and in that watching I seemed to miss what he was saying, but wondered in teh CGI imagery, as I watched in on a hi-def projector on a screen about 8ft by 4ft.

I have to admit to having a general interest in science and its history, having read much of Dawkins books on evolution. What I really like about this series is the fact I learnt something from it, like where all the elements that make us and the world around us come from, and where the first possibly origin of organic material was discovered in a nebula.

I hope that you have enjoyed this series or if you haven’t check it out on the BBC or iPlayer. I also hope that you have enjoy the few posts I have done on the history and background of science like the Schehallion Experiment, Altitude, Nylon, Goretex and performance enhancing drugs. I am working on a new altitude piece, that I have dubbed Bad Altitdude, I hope to get it up before too long. I have to admit it is these type of documentarys that have inspired me to look beyond the assumed to what made these things happen. In the mean time I hope you enjoy Wonders of the Universe.

For further reading on the history of science I recommend Longitude, which is an excellent book on the quest to find a way to discern longitude, in the days long before we had GPS.

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