Last Beaconeering Session of the Season?

Well, after a long drive, and I mean long, I think I clocked up several A roads and more motorways In my drive from Kent to Bournemouth then up to Wales. I did however arrive up in wales in time to make it to the last team Beaconeering session hopefully this season. Although that weather can be a fickle thing.

This is of course due to the clock changing tomorrow night when I am out on Camp, with a Summer ML Training course. I think I am going to suggest that we don’t put our clocks back/forwards until we are off the hill. Unless I remember whether we loss or gain an hour in bed. If we gain an hour I might just allow it!

The beaconeering session was great, finally getting to a reasonable level of strength and power, and I have to come back outside! In a way gutted, but in another way not at all. Its funny but many people don’t like climbing indoors, I however love bouldering indoors, as it is really gymnastic, and something that I don’t do that often outside. Outside though I love to climb trad and sport, but its trad climbing that truly inspires me.

Something about the challenge of protecting yourself, whilst climbing up a route that seems far more rewarding, as it requires far greater skill, and somehow feels more primal than the clip and go of sports climbing. Anyway here’s to after work cragging, sadly I won’t manage it on Saturday, unless someone runs up with my rack, rope, harness and rock boots to Cloggy!

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