Cromlech Circuit

I sneaked off this afternoon to hit the cromlech boulders. Think that if I hit them early enough then they wouldn’t be that busy. As I arrived the sun was beating down and a nice cooling breeze was sweeping over the rock. However in the car park there was a familiar van parked up, in it was a even more familiar face, that of a Llion, who had finished at work and was looking for a similar quick circuit, what was even better was for me he had a crash pad, and for him I had a chalk bag! I have just finished reading some stuff of communal thinking, freaky.

Anyway we did the usual cromlech boulders circuit, we both looked to be on fine form, which is alway good when you start to feel your age!

Llion on the Boulders
The lightness of Being!
Unknown climber styling the Heelhook Traverse

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