Ml Training Expedition

Walking down from Moel Elio

Just got back from a glorious two days walking around Snowdon. The weather was supreb, although it was hard to make any form of diifficult navigation as the visibility was measurable in miles, despite the heat haze. So we head up Moel Elio and across the ridge before contouring round Moel Cyngorian, and then up to the Lake Below Cloggy. I was surprised to see the crag devoid of climbers, as it was a nice day, with little to no wind and the rock was bone dry.¬†Perhaps I should blame the climbers, as faced with a long walk into the shade, or a short walk into sun-drench rock on the ‘sunny side’ of the pass. I’d know where I would be.

We then went for a night time stroll, taking in a nice circuit just below the Llanberis Path, as we were finishing we caught sight of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team hwo had been searching Snowdon for a couple lost in possibly the only bit of mist on the mountain, as the west side was totally clear.

With the clocks going back we got an hour less in bed, and headed out along the Llechog Ridge down to Pete’s Eats and for me the compulsory fry up. Where we met up with Andy Newton, who was running the course, I have started to advertise Andy courses on my SMG website site, so if your thinking of doing an SPA or ML training check out the course dates.

Amazing colurs in the Cloggy Lake, looked lovely for swimming, but I bet it was baltic!
My Room with a view!

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