"Expert Village" an oxymoron???

Well I got sent this video by a friend, it is a reasonably funny video on climbing safety from “Expert Village” or as I now know it this is how my mate dave does it dot com, Dumb Yank Village or expert idiots. I do like that after telling us never to trust one anchor on its own he is happily leaning back on one bolt, not that i would ever hang of a single bolt. As for the total mish-mash of extenders it looks about as textbook a set up as I have never seen. I also hate cordlette’s I am afraid, never needed one never wanted one, although I must confess to having a 16ft sling.

I did see one ‘how to belay video’ that was down right dangerous on the site, the saving glory is at least he didn’t use the American death triangle to rig it!

Thanks to Mr Davis for emailing me the link.

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