Busy Week

I have had another busy week, with my thesis, nearly written the results and discussion now. Just read through the whole document and it has surprised me just how intelligent I can sound. I really barely recognise some of the writing as my own it sounds so high brow!

I between I have managed to get to the wall for some bouldering, which is going well, starting to do some silly links, orange into orange problems, not bad for a 34 year old! I am about to head back up there this afternoon with Llion for some more bouldering, Hopefully I won’t bugger my knee up like I did yesterday falling off a route that is too had for me. I must be more disciplined in not pushing myself until it is better. A knee brace should help!

I am also having to do a bit of preparation for a Expedition Symposium at Plas Y Brenin this weekend, unfortunately if you haven’t booked it is sold out. However I am writing a FAQ for big walling, and I will try and take some photos and maybe some video to put up on my coaching blog. Also if you miss it, I do offer big wall course for beginners, which can nearly all be done in the comfort of the climbing wall. Anyway just trying to think of what I can teach in 1 hour and 45 minute workshops.

Anyway I am looking forward to working on the symposium, I have to offer ‘expert advice’, another oxymoron in my case. I am also going to Rhyll tomorrow having spent £13 of my money on a ticket to see Andy Cave, he better be good, as that’s a long way to go and a lot of money to waste, his book probably costs less that that now, and will probably be better value for money. Besides, I am having to go to Rhyll to see him, i mean Rhyll. Like Liverpool without the scouser/Scally charm!

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