Gear Review: Ice Breaker 200 & Marmot Hat

Gear Review: Ice Breaker 200

If you need a thermal top then forget smelly helly’s the Ice breaker is the way forward, made of the finest marino wool, it comes with an eye splitting price tag (£50), but is worth ever penny, as it seems to be able to last a few days before the stench of body odour seeps through. Of course it is only a simple long sleeve t-shirt, but what a shirt.

My last ice breaker is thread bear from two years of near constant use, but that is a testement to their build. In the two years since my last purchase the material seems to have improved, and feels softer on the skin, not that the last on was itchy, this one just seems nicer.

I personally wouldn’t want to be on the hill without my ice breaker 200, as they are seriously comfortable, warm and far less smelly than the more usual synthetic designs of Helly Hansen’s. My verdict is whilst pricey, a worthy if not essential investment.

Gear review: Marmot Hat

I can’t remember the number of hats I have gone through this year, I lost the last Patagonia one months ago. I have been through a few that my mum sent up. So I decided to spend some money on a new hat ready for the winter winds that seem to stab at my ears, another extremity that seems to feel the cold.

So I went for a design similar to Tibetian hats that cover the ears, however this is supplemented by a nice fleece lining. Now whilst I might look like a total gimp in it. My head and ears are toastie warm.

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