Cover Image – Hopefully

I was just on Climbers website, seeing when the new addition was coming out, as I have a full length feature from my states trip, those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will no doubt have read about our exploits. This article is a cut down story, and they are probably going to run the fuller article on their website.

When I visited the site I saw a mock up for the front cover if it goes to print like that then all I can say is woohoo. I have been taking picture for a long time now, and one ambition has been to get a cover shot on a magazine. It seems to have alluded me up until now. Hope the readers of the magazine will enjoy the iconic image of one of the most famous climbing summits in the world, not to mention the article.

The magazine is due out on the 10th Spetember. I can barely contain myself with the excitement. As another ambition is achieved, now if only I can find happiness!

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