Wall Session

There were a couple of call outs today but I missed them despite being in the house. So rather than standing by at home I went up the climbing wall for a quick blast around the bouldering wall, made a difference to not be up there testing but instead be playing. I did a few circuits and then a couple of hard problems before calling it a day as I was exhausted, just not wall fit at the moment. It wasn’t as busy as I expected, and nor was the village, I think many people have left early after what was literally a washout weekend.

It is still pissing it down with rain relentlessly, hopefully we don’t have a repeat of a few years back when it rain at least once every day for 90 consecutive days. It drove everyone to despair. Still on the bright side I get to sit in front of the TV watching crap. Although it is now started to rain so hard that even sky has stopped working!

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