Marathon Fund Raising beating Bear Grylls

Well UKC very kindly offered a Premiere Post to advertise my Marathon run along with fellow team Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team member Brian. The post has only been up a day and already money has started to flow into the Just Giving Page. I set myself a small goal of beating the amount of money that Bear Grylls managed to raise online by spending a fortune on an Antarctic Expedition (See this post for details).

Bear has managed to raise £280 online, and today I reach £290. So thanks to everyone who has contributed already the money raised will all go to help fund the essential Mountain Rescue work of the Llanberis Team. However, I think as climbers we can all do better than that, and with a couple of months left to go I hope that a few of my reader and followers can dig deep in these financial dire straights and give any amount from £1 upwards. Maybe your company would like to sponsor us.

Either way, I am chuffed to bits to beat Bear Grylls, although I fear that his offline total of £20000 a bit to large to set my sights on. With the Marathon in mind I set out earlier today for a spot of training and ran from Llanberis to Nant Peris where I headed up the zig-zags to Bus Stop Quarry before running towards deinolen where I picked up my van from a little gathering we had last night, which didn’t help the run one bit. I manage to run all the way up though, and now don’t really feel the hour long runs that much.

Although my long runs are starting to take up more and more time, with the average of about one and a half hours, with an increase to about two hours in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone for their support, and just think like that supermarket commercial ‘Every little helps!’

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