Snowdon Summit – Station, Cafe or fortress? -revisited

Sorry for anyone who follows this blog, as I am repeating this topic on the Snowdon Summit Cafe, mainly because I thought it could be quite a nice interaction between me the writer of nonsense and you the reader of gibberish. Basically since I last blogged on this subject I have run into a few hundred people who have given me there thoughts as hill walkers, mountaineers and architectural critics.

So whilst I said it looked like a fortress, I have also heard it described as a mausoleum, a tomb, nuclear bunker, Dr Evils new base, and the funniest of all, although we shouldn’t joke about the holocaust, was that it looked like auschwitz, with the train tracks leading up to a stone build go on head in the there the showers are on the right!

Anyway with the photos as inspiration if you haven’t been up there, and funny or critically scathing reviews of the England and Wales’ highest cafe.

Anyway the work is currently about 9 months behinds schedule, although I do believe that the summit opening will be in the next month or two. Whatever you think that building will probably be there until the mountain erodes to dust, as I can’t see them changing it for a while, and by the looks of it a bomb ain’t going to move it an inch either.

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