How to Climber Harder by Mark reeves

Well after pulling out all the stops and knuckling down to some real work when I was off work, I finally handed all the photos and text to my publisher. That’s right the book is into the next phase, they have a lot of work to do but hopefully it will be done and published by Christmas. My book even has its own ISBN number, so I am kind of excited, and looking forward for the next stage of my life (thesis and Slate guide book).

Have I got anymore books in me? Maybe I have, but mums the word for now. After the big hand over which was a little underwhelming, given all my book consists of at the moment is a DVD of words and pictures and a few slides. I came back and my life felt rather empty, as if there was one less thing that needed doing. Writing this book was like having a hamster, in that it last three years and took up more of my life than I expected. Now its done I just have to bury the thing at the back of the garden and move on.

To get over the grief of it I am having to take myself to the pub, but not before I go for a short run round the lake.

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