Power Gel tastes like….

My guess is most of the nation sat down to run the London marathon this morning. My mum even emailed me to tell me she was watching it, I just have to hope that she does start to google search my name, as she might find out what I really get up to! Anyway it was really inspirational to watch, and made me think that i might try and enter the round the hill race aka the Snowdon Marathon. It is meant to be one of the hardest courses in the UK, which makes it an obvious marathon to make your first!

Anyway on the commentary they referred a couple of times to Fun Runners, saying that they have been asked to refer to them as ‘the other athletes’, because some people are offended being referred to as Fun Runners. Now I have no doubt that many of ‘the other athletes’ are just that amateur athletes trying to set the personal best. However one would assume, although it can make an arse out of you and me, than even these amateur athletes run for fun amongst other reasons. Why else for goods sake would train yourself to that level if it wasn’t fun? Even the thousands of runners raising millions of pounds must actually like running a little bit.

I run, and I run for fun, if someone called me a fun runner then I wouldn’t be annoyed, I’d think right on, I am having fun. Like this evening after I had been at Foel Farm Park playing at being an uncle to me friends kids. I choose to go out for a run, and unlike before when I just went round the Lake I proposed a longer run over Meol Elio, given the sun was out. As my first Fell run, I have to say that the hour and a half it took was pleasant, although run is a strong word for power walking up the steepest parts.

As well as my first summit, under the power of my Asics, I also experiences my first taste of Power Gel, one of these high energy pastes that according to my friend have the same consistency of semen, and tastes as bad. I asked how he knew, i didn’t get a reply. Anyway I will never ever expect a woman to swallow again in my life given that this stuff was meant to be edible, unlike man juice.

Anyway the views were lovely up there this evening, and I will no doubt run the round again. One day I might manage to maintain a run throughout!

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