TV Presenting Work

So last week I was contacted by Steve at the Association of Mountaineering Instructors about whether I could help by doing some presenting for a BMC TV video. It was the kind of random work I really enjoy, as it is something totally different.

I have done a bit of presenting on my own coaching videos and done safety work for various production companies. So it was going to be interesting having the added pressure of two cameras and representing the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, DMM and the BMC.

We did a few videos of multi pitched climbing followed by another of prussiking. It is hard to tell how the edit will turn out, but I early hope it look great as I do have some plans to make more videos doing some more presenting.

Anyway it was good to catch up with Steve Long from AMI, Calum Muskett, Ben Pritchard and Rich Heap. Incidentally Ben and Rich have made one of my favourite climbing videos of all time Hard Grit. It was great to get some advice off them for filming project, and a pleasure to be in front of the camera when I wasn’t belaying!

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