New Routing

So I have been pretty busy with work and now I am all quiet again, although it looks like the weather is about to break. Before it did I headed to Vivian with Llion who suggested we try a new route on the Prow. So we abseiled in and climbed the arete right of Blade of Green Tara, an existing E2.

We have both scared ourselves climbing this route, and wanted to make a sport route, but at the same time also wanted to leave Blades… as it was. Out route climbed the arete and Blades only goes near it twice, we hope we got the bolts in the right place. Even if you can clip them, which you can in two places if you traverse off the original line.

The route we did is a great F6b+, we headed back on a different day having established it was climbable and getting hold of the drill and some bolts. The result is an as yet unnamed route, as Llion hasn’t got round to naming it, or he hasn’t told me what he has called it yet.

The route was repeated later the same night, a short video below shorts where it is and some of the climbing. The still pool creates a surreal mirror effect.

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