Catching the Media Off Guard

So the photo above is actually from a trip to Yosemite a few years ago. Probably about five years ago now I come to think of it. The story behind this shot is that a ‘documentary’ film maker was trying to capture peoples stories from climbing in Yosemite. So he was walking around trying to get anybody to tell him a story.

I had sat down with Andy Kirkpatrick as he was preparing to take the guy from Help the Heroes up El Cap. So we were chatting about what each of us were up to and in came this film-maker.

“So have you got any climbing tales about Yosemite you’d like to share”

Andy looks and me and I looked at Andy.

“Andy has one or two!”

So for the next five minutes Andy talked about a bear, I can’t remember the story but like most of his narratives it has been worked into a fantastic stand up routine. Which he masterfully gave in total dead pan seriousness. At the end the filmmaker turns and ask me.

“Is he for real.”

“Totally, not a word of a lie.”

I did wonder what happen to that footage, whether he was caught hook, line and sinker or not.

Anyway if you are preparing for a trip to Yosemite and would like a course in ‘How to Big Wall Climb‘ then visit the link

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