The Golden Age in the Digital Age

I have for the last few years, ever since I started researching my book hanging by a thread, been obsessed with reading and dare I admit it collecting old climbing and mountaineering books.

Whilst in the main I have found what I needed in reprints of the classics and some collections of the best writing from across a wide array of climbing literature. I have been lucky enough to read a few classic books of what can only be described as the Golden Age of Mountaineering, through what can only be described as the wonders of the digital age.

Google and the Gutenberg Project have really changed the way you can research as at the moment I am part way through Wanderings in the Alps by Alfred Will published in the 1800s. I have another five books lined up to read on my iPad. I have chosen to read them as a PDF, as the pages are direct scans of the originals.

I can only recommend the wonders of and I think I am going to try and collate a list and mini reviews of the books I have read on one of my other domains. Although I will endeavour to publish some of the reviews here as well in the time being.

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