Another Bolting Workshop for AMI and Joint Services

So today I ran the second of the workshops of how to replace lower offs on the slate. This time I had two members of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors who are also from the joint services centre in the area along with two more of there instructors.

They were a great bunch and all donate £20 to the bolt fund which would have just paid for the bit they placed whilst doing some ‘on the job’ training. We managed to replace another four lower off on the sidings. There are still four lower that need replacing on this popular level.

Again, I have run two days for AMI, and I am happy to run more for AMI instructors or experienced climbers who might want to get involved with re-equipping the lower off with resin anchors.

Again details of what has been replaced and what hasn’t can be found on Snowdonia Mountain Guides – Fixed Gear report page

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