AMI Bolting Workshop

So I gave the first bolting workshop for the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, I had a local instructor Jez Brown and the AMI development Officer Steve Long along. I am also running a full course tomorrow for the Joint Services. Hopefully this will get more people involved with the re-equipping in the quarries and elsewhere.

Today we finished replacing all the lower offs in the level above Looning the Tube and below the Sidings. There is a list of what has been done on my website.

If anyone one else who is either a member of AMI, MTA or just an experience local climber who wants to learn how to test and replace a lower off. I am happy to arrange another days training, although you really do need to be and experienced climber and able to look after yourself at height to come along. The cost of the training is £20 donation to the North Wales Bolt Fund.

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