The Phenomenon Point Break

An old friend who I used to hang out with years ago used to wax lyrical about the phenomenon, his name for a freak wave on the North Wales  coast. I of course ignore him because I was a climber. However having turned to the dark arts I ran into Sam, my old friend out the back at Rhiw Corner.

He reminded me of the Phenomenon, a great left point break that works in rare conditions. What he essential told me was you needed a low to track across the top of scotland, and a high to be over us. This pushed a swell down the irish sea towards the north coast and the wind that is westerly is essentially off shore. That is what it was like today. So I drove along the coast looking at blown out surf and mush.

When I arrived at the point it was fairly clean for the conditions and not too big and empty. So I headed in on my god and got an hour in before the tide turned and started pushing in towards the harbour. The tide had filled in the beach so the surf had also died so I went with the tide and paddle to Rhos harbour where I could get out, as the waves were breaking on rocks.

Really good couple of waves, and quite long rides for North Wales. I can imagine that this place can get really good at the right tide and probably slightly less breezy winds. So glad I made the journey.

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