Flipboard Magazine for Climbers

If you own a smartphone or tablet then you might well be aware of flipbroad, a new feed app that basically crunches your favourite main stream topics into an easy to browse magazine style format. Unfortunately it lacks a decent climbing feed. So much so I decided to code up a flipboard magazine a few months back and was quite successful.

However it meant you had to book ark the page to get it and what I really wanted was to get a news feed that worked on Flipboard as my own magazine. So I set up another blog that essentially scraps content off 150 climbing blog from around the world and I now use the feed from that site to power a magazine on Flipboard.

Now I have only tested it for a day and a few blogs don’t appear on it I think because their original feeds are well enough formed but enough do to mean you have a few new stories ¬†everyday on average.

Before anyone gets there knickers in a twist about copyright, I have managed to implement the feed so when people click on the read more section they are taken to the original feeds homepage. So what happens in essence is we give a taster and if someone wants to read the content they click through to the content.

If you blog is included and you don’t want it to be I am more than happy to remove it. Similarly, if you want a blog included then contact me here and I can add it to the list of blogs we get the content from.

For now though is you use clipboard, click the red ribbon at the top and in the search box either search ‘vertical life’ and hopefully you’ll find the feed to the new flipboard magazine. If it doesn’t come up then please comment as I can post the blog feed.


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