North Wales Rock App: Major Update

The topo with clickable numbers to reveal the route descitions of your chosen route.

It has been just over a year and a half since the original app came out. In that time new iPhones mean that there is now a higher screen resolution, plus a trend towards high levels of storage. Mean that for this update, not only have we added even more climbing areas to the app, but I went through and updated the topos to almost twice the resolution that we previously had.

The new version has gone to the app store and is undergoing the Apple checks and balances as we speak. This usually takes around one to two weeks. I will keep you updated when it goes live. If you have the app already you should get an update notification.

TheSend team has also been busy with the Andriod app, after a bug meant that some of the topos got corrupted. They have managed to track down the bug, it was something that google has added with an update to their Play store and hopefully in a couple of weeks a update to the new topos and a fix for this bug will mean that Android users will be up to date and bug free.

In total there is over 750 routes, I think we are even approaching 800 routes and topos in the database now. For those that have brought into the platform we thank you for your support and hope you like the new topos and added routes and crags. You can download the app from links in the sidebar to the right. There is a free lite version covering Vivian Quarry for both Andriod and the iOS versions.

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