Bad Science for Good Marketing?

I am not sure what or why Lyon have posted this video online other than to try and show that they did some rather complex experiment for no real significant outcome. At the end they claim the La Sportiva Batura 2.0 offers the best value for lightness, breathability, durability and insulation.

The video goes onto the 250000 data points they took, all the scientific measurements they made. Yet it failed to say what they tested these boots against. There is no sign of another make or model of boots in this test. So regardless of great measures, i my mind unless you have either a control group or a other models to test your own against you have essentially dressed up in science an experiment with no real results whatsoever.

So have La Sportiva dressed up a pointless experiment to look like a good marketing ploy? I think they probably have unless they can show that they tested their boots against another.

It is like the claims that lucozade makes you last 33% longer, if you ever follow the links suggested on the side of the bottle. If you are sad like me then you will have. The research doesn’t actually use lucozade. Instead its says that sweet favoured drinks make you go 33% longer, and the results suggest that it is not neccessarily the sweetness or the calories, instead it is simple people drank more of the favoured water and just water.

Crazy isn’t it. If Lyon or La Sportiva read this and want to put me right I will edit this post. If they can show me how they tested their product against other brands in particular. Sadly the video was of a over complex research by someone who probably knows they proved nothing, but by giving lots of scientific techno babble and of course a nice graph at the end they reached their own conclusions.

Anyway, if you watch the video and look here you can win a two day holiday with Andy Turner winter climbing.

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