20% off Blizzard Survival Bags

The Blizzard Susvival Bag

Many years ago I used to work in the factory at Blizzard Survival Systems, suffice to say it was not my true calling. However I still maintain a nice link to the owner and developer Derek Rydan who I did blog post on a few months or even years back now.

Recently I was asked if I would like to provide my readership with a fantastic offer of a 20% reduction in retail value of the Blizzard bag which normally sells at £29.21 in retail stores. Instead you can get it for £19.47 (ex VAT) or around £23.50 inc. VAT.

One question you may ask is why spend so much on a survival bag when you can get a orange plastic bag for a couple of quid. The answer to me is simple, I want the best ‘survival’ chances out there and as such I want the best solution for what is essentially an emergency piece of equipment.

With the winter season now upon us ask yourself give hte option of sitting a night out in a plastic bag or the equivalent of a 2 season waterproof sleeping bag what would you choose?

To redeem this offer you need to visit the blizzard website and purchase a Blizzard Survival bag from their online store, sorry but this offer is not valid on other products. Once in the store you’ll get the oppotunity to enter a promotional code which is icoach123.

I have had my Blizzard bag for several seasons now and it lives in the bottom of my rucksac next to my first aid kit. Whether you are an outdoor professional or a just an enthusiast I cannot recommend these emergency sleeping bags highly enough, they come packed down to the size of an old VHS tape yet expand to be a two season sleeping bag. This piece of equipment could well save your life or the life of an injured climber or hillwalker this winter. The design won the Queen’s Award for innovation back in 2009

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