Odessey: Video Review

I mentioned this film a week or so ago, and last night it went live for 10days of free viewing pleasure. So this morning I took my time to watch and see what HotAches latest offering was about.

The films concept is simple get four great climbers to attack some of the UKs most celebrated climbs in one roadtrip. The climbers are of course important in any climbing film as they can add depth and character to the action that fills the screen. The entoruage includes two of Britians most accomplished trad climbers James Pearson and Hazel Findlay alongside Hansjorg auer and Caroline Ciavaldini.

Whilst James and Hazel need no introduction it is the getting to know both Caroline and Hansjorg that I really like about this film. Caroline comes across well as a sport climber who is quite literally learning the ropes when it comes to trad and what a quick learner she is. Bringing the kind of grit and determination that see her through some impressive ascents during the film as we witness her come to terms with the strangeness of British Trad climbing.

Whilst Hansjorg brings a different look at trad climbing in the UK, as he has no preconceptions brought about from years of history of these famous climbs that he dispatches with comparitive ease. Including a flash/onsight or whatever you want to call his ascent of Strwberries at Tremadog. Style pendants might say that due to the amount of chalk from the other three climbers who attempted the route might have made it easier to climb in the style he did, but he did climb it in style non the less.

For me the highlights of the film were certainly from all the climbing they did in Wales. Which in my opinion stole the show between North Wales and Pembroke. Another impressive sight from just over the welsh border was Nesscliffe where James Pearson cruised his way to onsighting My Piano. Again any pendants out there who complain about the holds being chalked have probably never climbed there, as you really need to have someone abseil and brush the dust of the holds before you climb. It really does make the routes the grade they are as the sandstone is so soft that any rain just washes new dust into and onto the crucial holds, so without brushing these route are much harder.

Hazel gave a lot to the film in her pieces to camera and especially her giggles of nervous joy having falling off. Although seeing as she is such a talented climber, she often cruised the routes she did. Seeing her walk up Sixpence in the lakes was inspiring stuff.

I really liked the film, it might not be the best climbing movie I have ever seen, but it got me psych to get training this winter, although that might be my tennis elbow starting to sort itself out. However I am not sure how Paul Diffey and HotAches could follow up a two great films like The Pinnacle which has inspired me to climb some of those classics on the Ben and The Long Hope. For another 8/9 days it is free to stream online and half price to by a download you can keep or DVD.

To get the free stream you need to go to the HotAches website and give him your email to unlock the film. If you do share the link on Facebook, twitter or social media channel of your choice.

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