Death of the Outdoor Education Industry: Continues…

I have over the past two years now given various updates and thoughts on the death of the outdoor education, inparticular highlighting that it is struggling ion the financial climate of cut backs and austerity. This week apparently North Wales lost another Local Education Authority Outdoor Education Centre, Aberglaslyn Hall, a part of Leicestershire OEC, they also recent annoyance the closure of another centre in England Quorn Hall.

There is a new item from local new paper from a few days ago here.

On top of this there are already several centres who are under real threats of closure, and there is a rumour going round that another of the North Wales LEA centres that was formally operated under a local authority has been sold to a private firm (Think PGL or Acorn Adventure). Although this is just still a rumour. I have cover the difference between what I describe as real outdoor education done well by people trained specifical to enhance educational benefits to the outdoor holiday market, in a post about Outdoor Education.

Hints I am getting from other quarters is that times are still well and truly tough, with some friends and ex-colleagues feeling so strongly about their future that they are for the first time becoming members of trade unions, why? So they can united against the management to argue pay and conditions with one voice rather than individuals.

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